Aims of education

Objectives of education are important because they give directions. Ideal or ultimate objectives are located only in signs.  Hence they are unattainable. But still they direct the whole process so that those objectives can be reached as much as possible. So objectives are important.

  1. Giving direction to the process of education- The civilization and culture of any society develops slowly but in which direction it is necessary to have a clear picture in front of the adult generation of the society. It has to be decided what is to be taught to the coming generation and what direction is to be given to the course of development? This direction has led to the development of formal education over a period of time.
  2. Gives enthusiasm to the learner – The learner moves towards achieving the objectives with all his strength and energy.  To build that enthusiasm it is necessary that the objectives should be clear. The enthusiasm of the learner can be increased only by dividing the objectives into definite goals, due to which new energy will be transmitted in him as he achieves those definite goals. Therefore, the objective should be to give the impression of unattainable attainment.
  3. Helps in deciding the curriculum – What exactly to be taught depends on the objectives. Although the curriculum is determined by educational goals, these goals are directed towards the objectives and after completing each curriculum, some educational goals are definitely achieved.  How to fulfill which curriculum is done by the educational objectives of the curriculum.
  4. Helps in deciding educational activities- Different objectives of education also guide which path will be useful for achieving which objectives.

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