Concept of innovation

According to the Oxford dictionary, innovation means to implement an innovation, to bring about a change in an established thing, a new trend, to bring a change in established methods, etc.

The meaning of innovation in Hindi language is self-evident. This word is formed by the combination of two words ‘Nava’ and ‘Achar’.  The word ‘new’ denotes innovation and ‘ethics’ denotes change. Therefore, such a change which incorporates innovation in established methods, traditions, things etc., is innovation.

In order to better understand the meaning and nature of innovation, it would be appropriate to mention here the definitions given by some eminent sociologists.

(1) “Innovation is an idea in which a person experiences novelty.”  – E. M. Rogers

(2) “An innovation is a deliberate new and specific change that is believed to be more effective in achieving the objectives of a system.”  – MV Mike

(3) “The concept of innovation, an attitude, an instrument of skill, or two or more of these factors, which have not previously been practically adopted by an individual or culture.”  -H.  s.  gullible

Need of Innovation in view of Technological and Social Change

Technological development and the social imperatives arising out of it are rapidly changing the nature of education. The demand for change and the process of change is a worldwide phenomenon today.  Brief analysis of social changes will help us to clearly understand why educational innovations are necessary and what is their role?

We cannot accommodate more children in already full classrooms. Therefore, we have to adopt some innovative methods to educate more and more students so that the growing population and the demand for education for it can be met.

Scientific and technological development has accelerated the process of industrialization.  Mass communication means of transport have promoted the mobility of the population.  Villages are falling apart. Thousands of people are running towards the cities in search of education and employment.  Modernization, industrialization and population dynamics have given rise to new problems in schools. The disadvantaged and literary disadvantaged children of the villages are populating the slums of the cities.  In order to adapt the educational programs to the needs of this changed social and community structure, we have to adopt educational innovations.

The process of change is most closely related to the knowledge of space. The continuous exploration of space and new uses of communication have affected industries, business practices and every aspect of ordinary life. The development of automatic machines and electronics has transformed trade, industry and other businesses. In various fields, the computer is moving towards controlling not only the spacecraft but our overall economic and social life. The use of computers in educational technology is one such device that is capable of meeting the challenge of improving classroom teaching.

It is true that a person lives in society and wants to develop his social and personal development. For this, he takes new ideas and new steps and moves towards a new direction. His efforts are planned and his steps are deliberate and deliberate, mentioning the factors that create obstacles in four.  Move towards a definite objective.

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