Education is not only for obtaining degrees but for the advancement of human beings.

Sometimes we start thinking that degrees or certificates are education. That is why we also say that such a person has started education or our son has not started education yet or our daughter has finished education. Degrees or certificates indicate that a person holding a degree has completed a certain course and has achieved a certain degree in it, but they never tell how educated the person holding the degree is.  It is quite possible that B.a. A student should be less educated than a villager or a villager is an M.A. Be more educated than the pass student. A great source of education is the school experience and students can get some degree of education by going to school. But all the students will go to school and get education, it is not certain. Then, where there is only one type of school, this possibility becomes even less. Therefore, education is different from the acquisition of degrees or certificates. That is why many defects arise in examination-centred education because the purpose of examinations is to test the examinees for awarding a certificate, and not to make a diagnostic and remedial effort.

Krishnamurti has become such a philosopher and thinker in India of this era who has given a new and original concept to education. He believes that education is the most important means of communication. Through this only change can be brought in human consciousness and new culture can be created. Fundamental change can come in the child only when along with school education, human consciousness is also created in him so that he can become aware of the process of his thinking, experiences and actions. This consciousness will make him soul-critical.  In this way, his personality will acquire that integral knowledge, prudence and decision making ability which will help him to establish harmony with humanity and nature.

Bookish knowledge and passing various exams and getting degrees is not education.  Meaningful education can happen only when it can develop an integral human being.  Such an environment should be created so that consciousness develops in the student, which can connect him properly with his life, thoughts and ideals. Krishnamurti lays great emphasis on ‘dhyana’ and ‘shruti’ in education.

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