How to make holy water at home

Getting purified is one of the most crucial parts to get one step closer to God. In our busy days, we do not get some free time to worship the Lord. One of the sad realities is most teenagers are not committed towards the process of being divine. They don’t know how important it is for us to start connecting with the lord. In this article, we will talk about how to make holy water and purify yourself to stay a little more connected with God. As making water holy, helps us to again live life as a devotee and become a better version of yourself. Scroll down to know more about the topic.

What is Holy Water?

Making the water holy is a second thing. The first and most important thing is to know what holy water is. This is the most basic question but the astonishing fact is that most of us don’t know answers to these simple and basic questions. Holy water is a liquid mainly made from water that is blessed by religious figures, for example, clergies. They are a group of ministers in the Christian church. The clergy are believed as blessed figures and they are very significant members of the church. They take care of all the religious duties in the Christian churches. In the year 1972, the clergy of the Catholic Church held several lower orders but later on, these privileges were taken from them. Now coming to the main topic that was the holy water. Holy water is used in the process of being baptized. Getting Baptized is a religious way in Christians to become closer with the lord. The Christians believe that just sprinkling some drops of holy water helps us to purify the whole body. You can immerse the whole body partially or fully in the water. It will help to become a baptized person again. The process is unique and sometimes feels really satisfying.

How to make holy water at home

Ingredients used in Holy Water

Whenever we make something. There are some ingredients we need to take care of to create something accurate and perfect. The holy water is a religious thing so if talking of the ingredients we need 70% of unity, patience and devotion and rest 30% other stuff. only

It’s hard to prepare the holy water which your theology follows because most of the religions put some hidden lines or signs while making them. However, we can help with some basic ingredients. So let’s know about them to make your holy water at home.

Water – As the same suggests, Holy water is made entirely from water but do you know from where the water comes from? Is the holy water safe enough to drink or put it on the lips? And the most important question is whether holy water is natural or man-made?

You will get answers to all your questions in this article. Now coming to the water of holy water, try to stay away with easily available tab water from the kitchen. The main reason is that it can kill the refinement. The tap water we use for the daily purposes is filled with chemicals like chlorine and fluorine.

The Holy water needs to be 100% pure and for this to gather water from some natural sources like lakes, streams or rivers.

Salt – Salt is another most important ingredient that we use while making the holy water. Yes, that’s true we put some salt in the holy water and that’s the main reason behind the salty taste of the holy water.

We don’t use salts that are available in the kitchen for holy water. You need to create your own holy salt for the holy water. Everything precisely about the holy salt will be covered in this article for example how to make holy salt and the difference between holy salt and regular salt.

To create the Holy salt first you need pure salt on your side. You can gather pure salt in many ways, for example, it can be Kosher salt or Natural salt. Just remember no added ingredients are allowed in the holy salt. The holy salt needs to be pure.

How to make holy water

From here we have discussed all the important points that you need to follow if you want to know about How to make holy water. Believe me, it’s very simple. The most important thing is you need devotion in the Lord.

Now follow the given steps and make your own Holy water at home.

#1. Gather or Create the Holy salt

The very first step is to gather your holy salt. For this take some pure salt (salt without any
added preservatives) and then put it in a bowl or container. Now bless the salt. For the
blessing, you need to follow the words from “The Roman Ritual”. In case you don’t
remember or know the words of The Roman Ritual then don’t worry you can buy it online as well as offline. Many offline bookstores maintain these books.

If you are blessing the salt with some other members or if in a group then tell them to join
and bless together. The whole group should pray and bless the salt.

#2. Collect Natural Water

Take a glass and pour some natural water in it. You can take this natural water from your
nearby lakes and rivers. In case there is no river or natural water available nearby then you can use mineral water. You just need to make sure that the holy water is free from any kind of impurities and chemicals. To remove impurities you can boil or filter the holy water.

#3. Exorcise the Holy Water

Now the next important step is to Exorcise the water. Always remember we only need to exorcise the water because in step 2 we have already performed an exorcism on the salt making it holy salt.

What is Exorcise?

Exorcise is the process through which we make the water free from any bad or painful thing. For example, after the exorcism, we believe that now the holy water is free from any kind of evil spirit and diseases.

For the exorcism, we again follow words from The Roman Ritual. And again if you are doing the exorcism on the water in a group or front of a community then try to join everybody in the prayer.

#4. Mixing the Ingredients

Now take the holy salt and put it in the water in which you have just performed an exorcism. While pouring the salt in water, move your hand in a cross shape. Prayer your Lord while doing so and feel the almighty. This was the final step. You have made holy water inside your home and from now on you can use this water for blessings.

#5. Blessing the Water

In this step we need to bless the holy water. For blessing the holy water again some lines
you need to follow. There is a book named Book of Blessings. In this book, you will get all
the lines and texts that are important for the blessing rituals. After the blessing make the sign of cross over the water to finish up.

After making the holy water put it in some container or store it in a jar or bottle. You can place the holy water anywhere you want. It depends on your choice. Just make sure the holy water should be kept safe and you need to be concerned about it.

Sprinkle the holy water everywhere in the home. You can also sprinkle on yourself and your family members. Try to sprinkle it on most of the rooms, so that everything will be free from negativity and diseases.

This was the process of making Holy water with Catholic prayers and Rituals. We have told our readers in this way because most churches follow the making of Holy water in this particular process.

Important Notes

  1. Rainwater can also be used in the Holy water. If you are using rainwater, make sure
    to purify it because no one wants unhealthy holy water.
  2. Any Christian can do these rituals. Just make sure to follow prayers with deep
    attention and awareness.

In this article, we have explained how to make Holy water in detail. We hope you like our
post. In the particular post, we have mentioned all the important details about Holy water, for
example, What is Holy Water? Ingredients used in Holy Water and How to make holy
water. If you follow the post then you can make your holy water at home. There will be no
need to go inside a church for a single bottle of Holy water but in case you are not
comfortable with making holy water inside your house then don’t worry you can visit your
nearby church to get your blessed water.
Hope you like this post. You can comment us with your queries, if there are any and stay
connected with us as we always come up with new and exciting articles like this one.

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