Satya Nadella Was The First Indian To Sit On The Chair Of Bill Gates

There will be many options to go astray.

But only one resolution is enough to reach the destination.

Do you know the difference between being successful and being a failure? The successful person knows where to invest his money and time. That’s why he is successful. The other person doesn’t know this. That’s why he invests money in the wrong thing and time in the wrong thing. That’s why he is a failure.  Investing money is understandable. But what is the investment of time? Understand it like this.

One day Picasso was sitting in a hotel. Then a lady came there. He insisted on making Picasso his sketch. On this Picasso made a picture of him in 2 minutes on a paper there.  The lady said, This is a 1 million dollar sketch. The lady was a little surprised. Going to the market, when he inquired. So she was shocked. Because really, that sketch was worth a million dollars. The lady came back to Picasso. He asked in just 2 minutes, how did you make this one million dollar sketch. Picasso laughed at this. To get this ability. I have invested 25 to 30 years of my life. Then I am able to make such sketches. This is an investment of time. So you invest your time in such things. Which will give you good returns in the future. You have time today. So help him learn new skills. Invest in learning new things.  Whose returns you will get for the rest of your life. If you waste it today. Then you will regret it for the rest of your life. So appreciate your time. If you don’t appreciate it today. So tomorrow the world will not appreciate you.  Because if you have a good time. So all is good. In bad times, you also change yourself. When dreams get bigger. So the destination is also very big.  made this statement true. Satya Nadella from India. This is one such person. Those who used to sleep in the office many times in order to achieve their target. This has also been seen many times. That he didn’t even open his shoes. He believed that the amount of time would be wasted in opening and tying the shoe. If he uses that time. So very soon you can achieve your goal.

Early Life of Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella was born on 19 August 1967 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. His father was Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandhar, an administrative officer. In the government of Narasimha Narasimha Rao, who used to be the Secretary to the Prime Minister. His mother’s name was Prabhavati Yugandhar.  She was a lecturer in Sanskrit. But Satya Nadella was neither interested in politics, nor in spirituality. He was only interested in one thing.  It was cricket. His parents had other ideas for him. His father had put Karl Marx’s photo in his room. Enough so that he could become a good economist or a great intellectual. His mother had taken care of him. In the room, a poster of Goddess Lakshmi was put up. So that they understand the importance of spirituality. But Satya had put another picture in his room. He is the cricket star of Hyderabad M.L. Jaisimha. Seeing Satya’s love for cricket, his parents were worried. He was getting worried about this. What if Satya Nadella fails to become a successful professional cricket player. So what will he do? While answering this question, Satya Nadella used to say. That if he fails to become a professional cricketer. So he will do banking. But his parents were not happy with this answer. He always used to tell the truth that in life, there is something to be achieved. So he will have to leave Hyderabad.  On hearing this from his father, 18-year-old Satya Nadella fell into thought. He restarted his personal computer. Gradually, his interest in engineering, software and personal computers grew.

Education of Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella got his early education from Hyderabad Public School. After this he took his admission in Electrical Engineering of Manipur Institute of Technology. From where he graduated in 1988. In this way his dream of becoming a professional cricketer was shattered. He found such friends in Manipal.  Whose positivity, entrepreneurial spirit and passion were commendable. In this way he started his technology career. As soon as he completed his studies from Manipal. In his life, such a turning point came. Which can be called their turning point. He had two ways.  Chasing your dreams or staying in your comfort zone.  Nadella was greatly influenced by his mother’s spiritual ideas. I shouldn’t worry about the rest. That is why he got the offer of a master’s program from Mumbai University. So he was going to happily accept it. But perhaps something was written about his fate. Then he got an offer from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He had got admission in Computer Science. It was here that his interest in Theoretical Computer Science started increasing. He wanted to know what we cannot do with computer science. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1990.

Satya Nadella’s Microsoft Career

In 1992, Nadella took his first steps at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft was then working on Windows 95, which was the largest consumer technology product of its time. Nadella arrived at Microsoft at this time. When the Windows 95 project was on the verge of success. Nadella was asked to work on Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system. Where Nadella had to travel across the country, facilitating consumers. That he should adopt the Windows NT operating system. Where he was very excited about his responsibility. At the same time, he had a strong desire to do an MBA. Then he got an opportunity to do an MBA from the University of Chicago. But the biggest problem before him was this. He wanted to do an MBA along with a Microsoft job. Then he enrolled for the Part-Time Program. In which he had to work regularly for 5 days. Then to get the MBA program on the weekend, one had to take a flight. His jugaad proved to be quite successful.  For Nadella, these 2 years were very important. Where he developed his strategy and leadership skills. Whatever he learned during MBA. He laid the foundation for the growth of Microsoft.

Satya Nadella’s contribution to Microsoft’s cloud technology

The first managerial project, Satya Nadella got Tiger Server. Tiger server was a very revolutionary step in the world of video. It was here that his leadership quality was going to be tested. It was that time. Where Steve Ballmer notices them. This was the same person. Joe became the second CEO of Microsoft in 2000. In January 2011, Ballmer gave Satya Nadella the responsibility of Microsoft’s new cloud technology project, Server Tools Business (STB). By that time, Cloud Technology had become a multi-billion dollar business. But a large part of this business was captured by Amazon. Now it was Nadella’s responsibility.  So that he can get the first position. For this, Nadella first instilled a sense of confidence in the team. He solved all their issues by making all the leaders sit together. Doing so created an open and trusting environment for the company. Satya Nadella diligently completed the task of the company one after the other.  Working in many important positions at Microsoft. He proved his worth. In addition to moving Microsoft’s Database, Windows Server, Developer tools to Azure Cloud. In just 3 years, the revenue of cloud service increased from $16.6 billion to $20.3 billion.

Marriage of Satya Nadella

In 1992, Satya married Anupama. Who is the daughter of his father’s IAS batchmate. Anupama was his junior in Manipal. From there, their acquaintance grew. Today Satya and Anupama have three children. They live in Washington with their children. In 1996, Satya and his wife gave birth to their first child. His son Jain is suffering from asphyxia disease. Asphyxia is one such condition. Under which there is a lack of oxygen in the body. This can lead to unconsciousness, suffocation or death.  For Satya and his wife, it was a huge wound.  His time since then has been spent in the hospital’s ICU, therapy and operations. Truth says that his son’s condition taught him a sense of empathy towards others. This experience taught him this. That life’s problems can’t always be solved in the same way.

Satya Nadella becomes CEO of Microsoft

Satya Nadella started handling most of Microsoft’s department. In which works like Bing, Office 365, Skype, OneDrive and Xbox Live contributed. He played the role of vice-president in the online service division. He was later made the President of the company’s server and tool business. As after Bill Gates, Satya Nadella’s former CEO Steve Ballmer did nothing in 14 years. After Steve Ballmer became CEO in 2000, it was not considered necessary to make innovations in Internet Explorer while living. Due to which today google chrome and mozilla firefox defeated them. Google launched Gmail in 2004. Whereas Microsoft had bought Hotmail 7 years ago, in 1997. But it could not succeed even here. Microsoft, under Ballmer’s leadership, failed again due to less application platforms like windows phone. Then in the year 2014, Steve Ballmer resigned from his post. Finally, in February 2014 the Board of Directors passed with a majority. Satya Nadella became the third CEO of Microsoft. Because of Nadella, Microsoft’s growth. Came back to her place again. Sitting on Bill Gates’s chair. For Nadella, that in itself was a big deal.

Achievements after Satya Nadella became CEO

After Satya Nadella became CEO, Microsoft’s business model underwent many changes. Microsoft was purely a software company. But Nadella diversified the business as well. Started acquiring companies one after the other. The first was Mojang, Which created a famous game like Minecraft. After this Xamarin, LinkedIn and GitHub also became part of Microsoft. Due to which Microsoft continued to rise to greater heights. Satya released Microsoft Office on the Apple iPad. Microsoft released Outlook’s app, iPhone and Android. After Windows 9, Windows 10 was released. Linux operating system started on Azure Cloud. Along with making a place in Time Magazine’s top 100 person list. Nadella won the title of Financial Time: Person of the Year and Fortune Magazine: Business Person of the Year. Along with this, by the CNBC team, he was awarded the Global Indian Business Icon Award in Mumbai.

Autobiography of Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella has written one of his auto biography Hit Refresh. He wants to work on Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Mixed Reality. Meaning in the coming time, he is going to surprise the world more.

Nadella says – I don’t want to fight old battles. I want to fight new ones.

Satya Nadella becomes chairman of Microsoft

Satya Nadella has got a big promotion from Microsoft. Microsoft has appointed Satya Nadella as its chairman on 16 June 2021. Nadella will now replace John Thomson. The same John Thomson has been made the lead independent director.

Satya Nadella Income and Net Worth

Satya Nadella has a good collection of luxurious brands of cars. In one of those cars, they reach the office. Then they start completing their written work. At this time Satya Nadella’s net-worth is around ₹ 3000 crores. His annual salary is ₹ 320 crores. According to this, his 1 day salary is ₹ 88 lakhs.

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